It’s a Voyage

Not A Cruise. A Transformative Journey Of Mind, Body, And Spirit

Sailing in Comfort, Style & Safety aboard the Island Sky & Hebridean Sky


Island Sky and Hebridean Sky are truly sisters. Built in the same Italian Shipyard, both boast spacious, well-appointed suites, stylish common areas, and redundant core technology that allows them to operate smoothly, even under the most challenging of conditions. Like most sisters, they each have distinct personalities and individual flair, but the strong bone structure and good breeding that they share are unmistakable.


The best way to cruise Antarctica is on an expedition ship. Expedition ships are considerably smaller than your typical cruise ship and at Polar Cruises we feel size does matter. To keep the focus on the expedition, rather than the onboard experience, we choose to represent only expedition ships. Our team travels to Antarctica every season to experience Antarctica cruises and tours so we can evaluate the quality of the ships, operations, programs and companies we sell. Booking with us means you get the advantage of our first-hand knowledge and expertise in choosing the right Antarctica trip for you.

While planning your next Antarctic cruise, be sure to check out our adventure options. Many Antarctic cruises have a number of adventure options available. Kayak through Antarctic ice fields, Photograph Antarctic wildlife and scenery found nowhere else on the planet, Camp on ice, Cross country ski or snowshoe the Antarctic Circle, or re-explore expeditions of the past. We have activities that will peak any interest.


Adventure Options

Enrich Your Experience, Glide Amongst the Icebergs, Sleep Under the Stars.


If you’ve savored the peaceful feeling of floating through nature that can only be found in a kayak, you’re going to love kayaking in Antarctica. As in all activities on the peninsula, we take advantage of good weather, and put our kayaks into calm protected waters, in what are indisputably some of the most beautiful settings on earth. You won’t need to bring any special gear. You supply the passion and a bit of basic kayaking competency and we’ll provide everything else, including kayaks, dry suits and pogies. The number of kayaking opportunities will vary based on the length of your itinerary and the weather. Our Expedition Leader and kayaking guide team will evaluate the opportunities at each landing site, and put-in as often as they determine is safely possible. Complete details are available from your travel agent.


Who Can Participate?

Any passenger age 16 or over, in good health and with basic paddling experience is welcome to participate in the kayaking option.

What Experience Level Is Required?

Basic paddling experience is highly recommended. Participants should be capable of getting in and out of a kayak, doing a wet exit (not that we ever expect to need this), and performing forward and back strokes. Prior to each excursion the kayak guides will clearly explain the upcoming outing and expected conditions so paddlers can make informed decisions as to participation.

Is There A Participant Limit?

We can accommodate 16 participants per voyage. Sign up early — the kayak option fills quickly!

How Often Will We Paddle?

At each landing site that offers appropriate conditions we will offer the activity after a short briefing by the kayak team. We will make every effort to paddle as often as possible, but weather, sea, ice, and other conditions may preclude this. The Expedition Leader and kayak guides are the ultimate authorities on this.

What Is Included?

• Kayaks — we offer a mix of tandems and singles
• Dry suits
• Paddles
• Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs)
• Pogies (neoprene gloves)
• Booties

What Do Passengers Need To Supply?

• Very little beyond enthusiasm, basic skills, flexibility, and an honest appraisal of experience and health conditions.
• Participants will need to bring proper personal clothing as noted in our supplied preparation notes.
• You might also want to bring a waterproof camera or a dry bag.


After a full day and delicious dinner onboard, jump back in the Zodiacs and head ashore for a night of camping in Antarctica! Enjoy the sounds of the waves and brash ice on the beach, the creaking of the glaciers, maybe even the blow of a passing whale. Warm and cozy in your sleeping bag under the midnight sun, you will be breathing the cleanest air in the most beautiful place on the planet. Get a taste of Antarctica as it was experienced by the early explorers, knowing that in the morning a hot shower and a hearty breakfast, await you on board. Camping is available on all Antarctic Peninsula Voyages. No special skills are required and all equipment is provided by Polar Latitudes.


Who Can Participate?

Guests aged 12 and older with an adventurous spirit and a willingness to rough-it for a night. Sleeping on the ice in Antarctica is the ultimate camping experience!

How Often Will We Camp?

Camping is limited to one night per voyage and is available on most, but not all, voyages that travel to the Peninsula. Please enquire for details.

Is There A Participant Limit?

We can accommodate 30 participants per voyage. Sign up early — the camping option frequently sells out!

What Is Included?

We provide the following camping equipment:
• Insulated sleeping bag, rated to -20° F (-29° C). We do not expect temperatures below 10° F, but warmer bags ensure your comfort overnight.
• Sleeping bag liner
• One dry-bag for pillow and change of dry clothes
• 4-season mountaineering tents
• A limited number of mountaineering bivy sacks (optional, if a few individuals wish to sleep out)
• Insulated sleeping pads
We will also provide one portable toilet for the group. True darkness during the polar summer is limited or absent, so a headlamp or flashlight is not required equipment; though you may wish to bring a light on trips departing after February 1, when the night sun is less powerful.

What Do Passengers Need To Supply?

To take part in the camping program, you must be appropriately dressed. Details of the recommended clothing are listed in our preparatory material.



Vast and spectacular, the Arctic reaches from Russia's Far East to the geographic North Pole. Covered in ice pack for most of the year, it is during the short summer months we are offered the opportunity to witness the diverse scenery, unusual wildlife and interesting peoples the Arctic has to offer. Whether it is an adventure into history, an exploration of natural wonders, or a look at rare and amazing cultures, there is a trip for everyone in the land of the midnight sun.

The High Arctic is best explored from July to September by ship, as the pack ice recedes. From the decks of huge ice breakers to Luxury Expedition Ships, lodges and camps, there's a lot to explore.

Polar bears, walrus, seals, and even Arctic foxes haunt the ice edge, while millions of seabirds breed and raise their young on ledges and barren islands.

Remote villages, icebergs and magnificent scenery and historic sites make for unforgettable vacations. We provides trip planning services for cruises and tours to the various Arctic regions, including the Canadian Arctic, Greenland, Spitsbergen, the geographic North Pole and the Russian Far East.


Offers a wide variety of ships and camps - from the rustic to absolute luxury to accommodate travelers taste, style, and budget. Each type of ship and camp offers its own unique travel experience, amenities and advantages.